About Us

The Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department was designated on October 1, 2012 to provide emergency fire and medical response to our unincorporated fire district. The department is a 501 ( c ) (3) non – profit corporation  operating under the direction of the district - elected Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors.


The fire area can be viewed by clicking here >  Indian Creek VFD District map


The fire department operates out of its main fire station located at 550 Kiowa Drive West. Due to local agreements, this location has the unique ability to respond to emergency calls inside of Lake Kiowa, as well as the rural areas of our district utilizing CR 224.


The fire district is approximately 62 square miles (39,680 acres) of residential, agricultural, recreational and wooded properties encompassing approximately 4,000 residents.


Our Fire Department membership presently consists of twenty four members. The Board of Directors consists of five, fire district elected community members. There are five fire department officers, consisting of, Fire Chief, Asst. Fire Chief, Captain, and two Lieutenants. Eighteen of the members are firefighter / first responders, of which five are EMT’s or Paramedics and four are Emergency Care Attendants.


As with most other volunteer fire departments, the majority of our budget is funded through donations and fund raisers. We routinely apply for federal and state grants, and when awarded, those funds help to purchase additional apparatus and equipment as requested in the grant.  


We attempt to have at least two major fund raisers annually, and are assisted all year long with funding efforts through our ICVFD Auxiliary. We are very grateful for their time and effort in assisting us. We are also blessed to have very generous individual donors within our fire district who are eager to assist in any way they can. With the combination of all these factors we are able to provide professional, high quality service to the residents of the Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department Fire District.

Board Of Directors

Board Members for the Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

as of April 13th, 2020

Denny Engels - President

Barbara Fox - VP

Norma Desilets - Treasurer

Tabatha Polley - Secretary

Randy Cade - Ad Hoc



Chapter 775 of the Texas Health and Safety Code stipulates the complex process for creating an Emergency Services District (ESD).


ICVFD Board Members and Chiefs have been straightforward and transparent in looking toward the future to continue fast and efficient emergency lifesaving and firefighting services.  Failure to find effective funding will jeopardize the health and safety of all residents within ICVFD’s 60 square mile district.  ESDs have proven to be effective across the United States and throughout Texas with more than 3000 ESDs in the U.S. and more than 300 in 90 Texas counties.  Denton County is one of those 90 with a highly effective ESD.  ICVFD needs an ESD to survive.


1. Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department (ICVFD) is moving toward an Emergency Services District (ESD)

  • ICVFD has held multiple group and individual meetings from 3/10/2020 through 6/29/2020 with adjoining volunteer fire department representatives (chiefs/firefighters) and with Gainesville’s City Manager and Fire Chief.

  • An informational presentation requested by Judge Brinkley was made to the Cooke County Commissioners’ Court on 6/20/2020 resulting in a brief article in “The Weekly News of Cooke County” on 7/1/2020.

  • ICVFD cannot sustain its current level of vital fire and medical emergency services without transitioning to an ESD very soon.  Personnel and financial factors are the two key issues facing ICVFD in the very near future.

  • ICVFD has worked with the Cooke County Appraiser, County Fire Marshall, and all bordering VFDs to legally define the boundary lines for the proposed ESD. This legal definition process required very slight border modifications at some points, with the overall size of the proposed ESD remaining approximately the same as the current ICVFD district (approximately 60 or 62 square miles).


2. Personnel factors

  • ICVFD responded to 440 emergency calls last year, and this number is rapidly increasing (58 calls in July 2020) at a rate of 15-20% each year.

  • There is attrition due to volunteers moving and a small candidate pool.

  • All volunteers are employed full-time elsewhere, and all have family responsibilities.

  • Burnout is occurring with the 4 volunteers making the majority of all calls, and is a risk for all 19 volunteers.

  • No ICVFD firefighter receives any form of compensation, whatsoever.


3. Finances

  • Currently, ICVFD is only assured of $11,500 from Cooke County.

  • All other funds are highly variable.

  • As the number of calls has risen dramatically, donations and the number of donors have declined.

  • Fewer than 15% of all ICVFD district residents donate financially to ICVFD.

  • Major vehicle and facility expenses are expected in the near future with over a million dollars needed soon for equipment and facilities.

  • There is a need for some paid personnel during highest call times and a consequent need for incentives for volunteers.


4. With an ESD

  • There is reliable funding.

  • Everyone pays their fair share.

  • Emergency and safety services will improve.

  • ICVFD’s money saving ISO (insurance rating) will be maintained, and potentially improved.


5. Next Steps

  • ICVFD’s petition drive runs through August.

  • A formal request to Cooke County Commissioners’ Court to allow an election in May 2021.

  • Multiple “Town Hall” meetings will be scheduled over the next 6 months to provide more information and opportunities for question and answer sessions for all ICVFD district residents.

  • Election in May 2021 (any registered, full-time resident of ICVFD’s fires district can vote)


6. Next Steps Following Passage of Vote

  • It will be the responsibility of Cooke County Commissioners’ Court to appoint 5 people to become the Board of Commissioners for Cooke County ESD #1.

  • ICVFD will continue to exist as a 501c3 with their own Board of Directors.

  • ICVFD will contract with CCESD#1 to provide fire and emergency services.

  • ESD#1 funding to ICVFD will allow for loans for expensive equipment, for fire trucks, other emergency vehicles and facility upgrades.

  • This funding will give ICVFD the ability to have reliable equipment, rather than aging, maintenance-intensive equipment.