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Brian Gabel

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I moved to North Texas with my wife, Lynne, three years ago after retiring from a 38-year career with DuPont during which I worked at several high hazard chemical manufacturing sites. I earned a degree in chemical engineering from the University of North Dakota in 1980 and worked at manufacturing sites in Texas, Louisiana, and New Jersey. We chose to retire in Texas since we have a daughter living in Austin and a son living in Midland. I enjoy gardening, golf, and reading.

During my career I worked as an engineer, supervisor, superintendent, and process safety management steward. I have managed multiple projects as well as capital and cost budgets. I led and participated in multiple hazards analyses, authorized vessel entry and open flame permits, and led process safety management audits at several Dupont sites. My involvement with industrial emergency response included lots of things but being part of the first team to return to an evacuated industrial site with hazardous materials after Hurricane Rita to assess damage and ensure safe return of personnel was one of the most unique.

Dupont manufacturing sites are staffed with volunteer fire brigade personnel on each shift. I have a lot of respect for those that volunteer for the fire brigade and other emergency response activities. I have heard first-hand compliments from multiple people in the community about the professionalism of the ICVFD staff in response to health emergencies. I would appreciate the opportunity to help this organization in any way I can.

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