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Jeff has been married to Karla Hecker for 30 years, both natives of Nebraska, yet long-time residents of Texas. Together they have two daughters, Hannah Schoonmaker and Jacie Hecker, both residents of Abilene TX. working in healthcare capacities.


Jeff and his family have owned property in Lake Kiowa since 1999 and have been full-time residents since 2020. He is a member of MGA and LKACC currently. Jeff is officially retiring January of 2022 and is looking forward to contributing more to the community and being a part of decision-making processes at Lake Kiowa and the surrounding neighborhoods.  He has a particular interest in making our emergency response systems better for the community as his boat dock was burned down in 2012. Jeff has extensive experience in working closely with others of all levels to come up with innovative ideas to fulfill common goals.


Employment History:

31 years, Vice President and General Manager, Teledyne Technologies, Dallas, TX

Retiring January 2022



Doane University, Crete Ne. - Bachelor of Science degree, Biology, Chemistry minor

When asked for a statement, Hecker said: “My main goal would be to ensure our residents have the services needed to live safely in our community, and to do this we need to ensure our volunteers have full support and the correct tools to concentrate on training, readiness and service to our community.”

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