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& Fire Department

Bylaws Revisions

The Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors revised the Fire District & Fire Department bylaws. The new bylaws and a marked up copy of the previous bylaws are available to view by clicking below.

The following is a summary of the major changes.

  • Clarified District and Department responsibilities

  • Added definitions

  • Reduced the number of signatures required for petitions

  • Changed the dates for nominations, voting, annual election, annual meeting, etc.

  • Clarified election of board members ( number and length of term)

  • Named current board President as registered agent

  • Expanded Fire Chief qualifications to include experience

  • Updated general provisions for fiscal year, discrimination policy, Robert’s Rules of Order

Voting has now ended. We will post results soon.

Should you have any questions please call 940-736-1277.

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